HOBAS NC Line for Budapest’s Main Sewage Collector

Projekt ID: [018997]
Ország: Hungary
Város: Budapest
Év: 2012
Szennyvíz | Speciális profilok (NC Line)
Beépítés: Nyílt árkos beépítés
Teljes hossz [m]: 876
Névleges átmérő DN [mm]: Nem körszelvényű
Külső átmérő De [mm] -
Kulcsszó: Gravitációs szennyvízvezetékek | Szennyvíz

Egg-shaped HOBAS NC Profiles installed in Hungarian capital

As part of a general modernization of Budapest’s sewer and wastewater treatment system, 876 m HOBAS NC Profiles have been successfully installed in open trench to build a new main sewage collector. 

As a member of the European Union, Hungary is commited to improving the water quality according to the EU Water Framework Directive. Over the last years, an increasing number of projects serving this purpose have been initiated. One of them concerns the Central Waste Water Treatment Plant in Budapest and the associated sewer system. The most significant parts in this system are the main sewage collectors as they determine the network capacity and safety. One of them was newly built in 2012, with HOBAS NC Line Profiles in the capital’s eight district near downtown in Baross Street. 

The project preparation and planning had to take account of the heavy traffic volume on the four-lane Baross Street including trucks, busses, and numerous cars. Supported by HOBAS Experts, the designer calculated a necessary wall thickness of 41 mm and a stiffness of 10000 N/m² for the 1380/2070 mm HOBAS NC Line Segments. Due to the dense infrastructure and a lack of space, the slope of the pipeline could only be very small. This fact, as well as the irregular quantities of rainwater made the HOBAS NC Profiles an excellent choice: Their hydraulic features and corrosion resistance ensure a safe and steady flow rate at a long operational lifetime. 

The sewer line was installed in open trench in 6 m depth with the preparation of the slightly sloping trench requiring precise bedding works. Thanks to the comparably low weight of the 2.35 m long GRP segments, the constructor was able to use light lifting and installation equipment, with the result that only two lanes of the road had to be temporarily closed. On an additional short section in Őr Street at right angels to Baross Street, HOBAS NC Profiles 680/1050 mm as well as two HOBAS Manholes DN 1350 with a DN 1000 reduction were installed. Since there was not enough space on site to store the pipes and shafts, the customer asked for precisely organized deliveries. 

The installation was successfully completed after seven months and the constructor’s and investor’s feedback was  very positive: They are highly satisfied with the products and services supplied by HOBAS.

  • HOBAS NC Line for Budapest’s Main Sewage Collector